wisdom 122315


“It is said that the family is at the center of our lives.  Relatives and blood ties are important to us.  So it is natural for us to see no wrong in our relatives – they are always the best and we always take their side.

When there is a beauty contest, of course its your daughter who is the most beautiful.  Even though my child is wrong and the teacher is right, my child is still right.

Sadly, being “family” leads to condoning what is wrong.  This is the root of corruption.  Whenever there is corruption, there are relatives who ask special privileges that are involved.  This is wrong.  This is not what a true family is.

Jesus taught us that His relatives are those who do the will of God.  Hopefully, every family will be like this.”

Credits to: Manila Cardinal Chito Tagle (Kape’t Pandasal); reprinted by Companion


Know your true family,

Brother Mo