Self Help Materials


I salute you for desiring to help yourself.  Otherwise this page is really not for you.

My mentors say that the biggest step towards success, in all areas, is the decision and commitment to help your own self because you are the only person who can help yourself best.  Nobody else.

Again, nobody else.

Over the years, I have bought and collected inspiring materials, both electronic and hard copies, to help me in my own journey towards success, financial freedom, happiness and to becoming a better person and Christian.

And now I am happy to share these precious materials with you, my brothers and sisters, so that we get there at the same time.  The more the merrier!

It is my prayer that all of us will succeed, attain contentment, peace and happiness in our lifetime. It is my prayer that God will bless us with abundance and balance so we can all be a blessing to others too.  How can we help others if we too need help, correct?

Experts say that we really do not have to learn the hard way.  We just have to follow and learn from people who succeeded before us, who have been through the same situation we are going through right now.

There is really no need to reinvent their sweat, tears, challenges and difficulties.  Unfortunately, many of us continue to prefer complicated solutions and we simply do not want to learn from others.

So if you are like me who wants simple solutions, lets go!  Let us start by helping ourselves through learning then applying.  Let us start learning from (and picking the wisdom of) great men who walked this earth before us.  There is an easy way and we can all do it.

Please allow me to share with you initial but great e-materials to get you started and warmed up.  Yes, they are yours for free.  Simply click on the blue titles, download and save.  You may even share it with your friends.

  1. Positive_Thinking_Change by  In this book you will discover how you can easily change your life by simply changing your thinking;
  2. 50-Bible-Promises-That-Can-Change-Your-Life by;  This e-book easily directs you to God’s Promises For You that can be found in the Bible;
  3. I Create Millions by Christopher Westra.  In this book, the Author shares with you 87 Specific Money Mastery Methods you can use to start attracting or earning your own Millions;
  4. My Maid Invests in the Stock Market by Bo Sanchez.  This book will hopefully encourage you to consider investing in the Stock market, just like what the author’s maids are doing and doing successfully;
  5. How to Conquer Your Goliaths by Bo Sanchez.  This book will teach you how to conquer every problem that prevents you from reaching your dreams;
  6. The Amazon Millionaire by Robert Kiyosaki and Dave Kettner.  This book will help you discover the power of the Internet and how you can make use of it to achieve financial freedom;
  1. Discover The Secret Behind The Secret (Law of Attraction) by Heather Mathews
  2. Discover The Millionaire’s Brain (Unleash the Power of Your Millionaire Brain) by Winter Vee
  1. Prayers for all occasions, CLICK HERE
  2. The Holy Rosary Downloadable Audio (MP3), CLICK HERE
  3. For Daily Divine Inspirations visit

I hope you will find them useful in your journey.  More importantly may you start applying the principles that you will learn from them. Remember, any unused information, no matter how great, is useless.

Moving forward and in case you are willing to help sustain this site and its mission, you may wish to extend help and donate in exchange for other great materials in my collection, please see E-MATERIALS LIST.

Rest assured that your “love donations” will bless many others.  Your generosity will be distributed to the Church and our spiritual communities (Couples for Christ Global Mission FoundationThe Feast by Light of Jesus Family), as well as, our brothers and sisters who badly need assistance (regardless of color, race or religion).

You may check out “Paying Forward” page for the list of initial beneficiaries.  It is our simple and humble way of giving back and sharing our blessings to others.

In case you like to receive any of those in our E-MATERIALS LIST, kindly check “The 4 Easy Steps to Receiving The Materials” guide below.

Once again, MY BIG THANK YOU for being part of this journey.

I hope we continue to help each other and help our world be a much better place.

Click on the E-MATERIALS LIST now and take your pick.

God bless you!

To your great future,

Brother Mo



The 4 Easy Steps to Receiving The Materials:

1.  Open the list above, select your desired materials (maximum of 3 per request) and email your choices to;

2.  Wait for email reply, detailing the options on how you can send your love donations;

3.  Send your love donations and email copy of deposit slips/confirmation slips to;

4.  Simply wait for your materials via email and start learning.  We will try to send them within 24 hours from receipt of item 3 above.

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