Be Truly Rich


The fact that you opened this link, you also wish to be Truly Rich and Be Truly Blessed, right? Yes?

Don’t worry, NOTHING IS WRONG WITH THAT DREAM.  God gave us the power to dream BIG DREAMS!

I am too is a big dreamer.  But you know what?  I believed that to achieve those “Big Dreams”, we need to have mentors and a support group that can help us and lead us the right way.  I would love to be part of your support group, but hey, I am not an expert and am still dreaming just like you.

So what I did was joined this Club mentored by Bro. Bo Sanchez.  Bro. Bo, if you still have not heard of him,  is among the most successful and inspiring Catholic preacher, entrepreneur, author, speaker and philanthropist (and “tither”) in the Philippines.

According to him, He now tithes 40% of his income and dreams to give 90% in a few decades (amazing right?).  He is in Google if you wish more information about him.  He also has lots of followers through his “The Feast” events and his Light of Jesus Ministries.  He speaks at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) every Sunday.

Since I joined Truly Rich Club, I became more blessed and I did learn a lot of things. Things I wished I knew 30 years ago.  But guess what?  Nothing is too late in this world (remember Colonel Sanders of KFC?).  We can still be guided (if we have an open mind) and we can still make it to our dreams (if we can commit to it).

Good news is we can still be part of the Truly Rich and the Truly Wealthy in our lifetime.

To learn more and be part of it too, you may click the logo below and start getting your truckloads of blessings…

Thank you and may God bless you always.

To your Big Dreams,

Brother Mo

P.s. It only takes a DECISION, ACTION and COMMITMENT.  You can do it!

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